Handmade Nougat

This handmade Nougat is made with our Mixed Flower honey.

Its taste is particular, delicious and soft. It is a special recipe with few and simple ingredients: Sicilian almonds, Piedmont hazelnuts, homemade candied orange, pistachios and cocoa beans.

Ideal for a tasty and quality snack!




These handmade Biscuits made with our Mixed Flower honey and dried lavender flowers, which give them a particular taste and aroma.

These biscuits appear to be delicately crunchy and very light since they contain no sugar or butter. The first is replaced by honey, while the second is replaced by olive oil.

Excellent if consumed to accompany tea or breakfast in the morning.



Organic honey Candies

BomBEE are handmade Candies, made with our Mixed Flower honey, ideal for a sweet tasting break at any time of the day.

These organic candies, genuine and tasty, help us to relieve sore throat and cough thanks to the soothing action of honey.

The great advantage of these candies is that they dissolve slowly in the mouth, which allows them to take full advantage of all the analgesic properties of this product.

One pulls the other! Small, good and made with great passion.

  • propolis&eucalyptus
  • ginger&lemon
  • berries
  • strong balsamic