Amazement and wonder, admiration and curiosity are the feelings aroused by bees in men.

Organization and social life, community and the common good, are the priorities in the life of the bees and the culmination for men.

Environment and health, fruits and beauty are the gifts of bees and the harvest of men.

Pollution and pests, fragility and disease are the enemies of the bees and the responsibilities of men.

EDEN is a network of four companies that embrace the same philosophy and make each other available to work together in the production and marketing of retail honey.

…why EDEN?

EDEN is a concept, it is a symbol: it is the return to the origins. EDEN means purity, before man intervened by mistreating creation. EDEN means beautiful and good. EDEN symbolizes the source of life, and for this reason we put a stylized bee in the middle, because bees are the cog in life.
EDEN is therefore beekeeping, but not only: it is the rediscovery of the high lands, where agriculture is not intensive, where there is still a wild landscape to be enjoyed, where you can relax and rediscover a little the “slowness” that allows us to notice what surrounds us. All this is EDEN!


Respect for the environment

We have chosen to adhere to the organic product certification system as a logical consequence of our actions with the bees.

This is an external certification to guarantee our customers.

Quality and traceability

The quality of our products is guaranteed by the uncontaminated areas of Alta Langa, Val Tanaro, Valle Mongia and Val Corsaglia, where our bees live and collect nectar on various flowers.

In these valleys, the abandonment of agriculture by the local populations has favored the spontaneous bloom of wild cherry and chestnut, as well as an infinite series of tree species such as, for example, the wild prunus or the bramble that enrich our “Millefiori”.



I was born on 13th January 1999 in Cuneo, Piedmont, a region with a long tradition in the production of quality food.

I have a diploma in Liceo Scientifico and, currently, I attend the second year of the faculty of Food Technology of the University of Turin in Grugliasco (TO).

I am a stubborn, determined and reserved person. I am curious and willing to learn. I love the world of nature and the animals that are part of it, but I also love challenges and sport, which has always been part of my life. Tennis is fundamental in my life, it makes me feel alive and ensures my psychophysical wellbeing. My days are always busy with school, sport and my new passion: the wonderful world of bees!

It all started in 2016, when, after a ten-year friendship with a beekeeper, my family and I decided to start a new adventure: the creation of a farm business/agricultural holding focused on beekeeping.

Some time ago I would have imagined my future on tennis courts … Now I am ready to go “in the field” to manage the laboratory activities and learn the techniques of beekeeping.


“Love is the engine that moves the world, the life; it feeds on small gestures of immense value, it is that need to give and receive affection, care, protection, … ”

I was born on 30th September 1969 in Turin. I has always had the need to be among the people and to dedicate myself to my passions: sport, music, teaching, animation, nature and not least the family. I dedicated my energies to serving others and, in choosing to move with my family in Montezemolo in 2016, I found my dimension of freedom and my “balance”. Nature and the world of bees in particular demonstrate that there are times, ways and reasons for which certain steps are taken and allow us to discover our own limits and potentialities in order to proceed at best in the journey of life with realism, patience and simplicity.

I am not able to describe myself, I can only shed light on who I would like to become: a mother and a welcoming and loving wife, a willing and tenacious person, a correct and passionate worker and above all a happy woman.

The bees live all these values ​​that we call “human” in the service of the common good of the hive; it is a fascinating, formative and edifying world and if we all lived in society observing these principles we would gain in health and dignity.


I was born on 20th July 1968 in Milan, a city that has given me a lot and to which I am infinitely grateful. I was the human resources manager of the City Museums and it was an experience that I will always carry in my heart.

My love for nature and for my wife led me to a complete change in my life and so I moved to Val Tanaro in 2004. Nature has fascinated me and led me to be interested in bees, which have now become an indissoluble part of my life. I take care of them and they take care of me. Now we are one and being with them relaxes me and fills me with joy.

I spend my days in the meadows or in the woods and I can say thanks also to the bees if I am a happy man.

One of my greatest satisfactions is that of being able to offer, thanks to the work with the bees, healthy and useful products for human well-being.


I was born on 2nd December 1990 in Parakou in the Borgou Department, the fifth city of the Benin State, where I attended primary schools. Then, thanks to the help of the Friends of Africa association, I had the possibility to study at the Agricultural Technical High School where I obtained a diploma. At school I discovered the world of bees. In Benin we have a kind of bee, called “Apis mellifera adansonii”, which is the most aggressive breed of bees and I have always wondered how it was possible to be a beekeeper there.

In April 2015 I came to Italy to follow a 6-month internship in the bee world and this changed my life. I fell in love with this life immersed in nature and with these extraordinary insects from which there is always something to learn. Lately, for many reasons, to be a beekeeper has become an increasingly difficult job, however I really like to stay in the woods with bees.

At the end of 2016 I founded a company link to the world of bees, in which I want to put all my passion and offer the best products that bees give us. I have been taking loving care of the life of bees and they have been improving my life since I met them.


I was born on 3rd June 2000 in Turin. This city represents my childhood and adolescence, so it will remain forever in my heart and will never be like any other place.

In 2016 there was the turning point in my life: I moved to Montezemolo, in the province of Cuneo. My family and I made this choice because it is the country of our origins and of love for nature, in particular that of the Alta Langa.

I am a stubborn, extrovert, sporty and helpful person and I am a graduate in Agriculture, Agribusiness and Agro-industry. My studies, my curiosity, my passion and admiration for nature have introduced me to the wonderful and complex world of bees. It was love at first sight, in fact, when I am with them, I am happy and feel great inner peace.

The great satisfactions, which I am obtaining from this passion, are many: to give my contribution in protecting the environment, thank